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Vibes – By Amber Vittoria #252

Vibes – By Amber Vittoria #252

Vibes - By Amber Vittoria Vibes - By Amber Vittoria
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“Vibes” is a collection of 300 abstract, pixelated artworks, lovingly crafted by Amber Vittoria. Each ‘Vibe’ is a vibrant ode to the multifaceted nature of human emotion.

Vittoria’s body of work delicately weaves themes of beauty, emotion, and nostalgia, creating a tapestry that speaks to the soul. This series is a harmonious blend of her early figurative explorations and the bold geometry characteristic of her more recent abstract pieces.

There are no additional functionalities or utilities attached to these artworks; their purpose lies in their ability to evoke and resonate.

In celebration of the universal language of emotion, no rarity traits have been assigned to these ‘Vibes’. Each piece stands as an equal testament to the artistic vision, ensuring every emotion and expression is valued just the same.

The artwork listed is indeed authentic, created by, and copyright to artist Amber Vittoria; the purchase of this NFT is a purchase of the asset, not of the copyright.


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