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Nyan Dogg

Nyan Dogg

36,241.80 $

Wrapped Ether 14.2069 WETH
Nyan Cat (Official) Nyan Cat (Official)
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Nyan Dogg flying high for the first time ever. It’s Nyan D-O-Double-G, the official 4/20 celebration between Nyan Cat and the one and only Snoop Dogg!

Nyan Dogg is a 1 of 1 offering brought to you by the power of BeetsDAO.

No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks! Just some of that real sticky-icky-icky Nyan Dogg ! Put it in the Air!

Owning this NFT grants the following stats:



Sticky Icky+1000


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Size 1400x1400
Frames 12